Hardware? LXC (Linux containers)


Today we are going to talk about Linux containers. Why? There are several services that will run in, may be, several computers. We want to make the development and, above everything, the tests as similar to the real machines. We don’t want to have several computers in order to develop and test. That would mean we have to buy, set up and maintain a whole bunch of boxes: at least three for developer! Here it comes the help: LXC.

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Marktimer.net technologies

TL;DR We are going to use these technologies: Linux, Linux containers (LXC), networking (sockets, iptables, firewalling), databases (mariadb), autoconf, automake, g++, m4, C/C++, JavaScript (TypeScript), AngularJS, HTML, CSS, IONIC.

For our application, there are some needs we have to fulfill. First we have to put the software in some computer, with some operating system. From there on, we have to select the best technologies for our software. We’ve already choose all components and we are going to explain why we choose those in particular.

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Before we dig into the software development itself, we should explain what is our product and why we choose to create it.

The purpose of all this is to show our knowledge and skills, from María and I. So we’ve thought intensely, during days, even weeks, about what to do (yeah, really.) What kind of project we may do to show all that?

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