This is Manuel's web page. Here you have information about me, my interests and some pet projects I host, plus, links to some others I show at Github.


My job has been software development for the last twenty five years. I've developed in languages that go from Easel (a now defunct IBM language) to JavaScript. Well, that's not much so I prefer to give a complete list:

  • Assembler
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Lisp
  • ELisp
  • PicoLispt
That's better. I know all those languages and the technologies used with them. And much more.

On the systems side, I'm a very knowledged Linux guy. I've developed drivers for the kernel, made a couple of Linux appliances and, in general, administer some networks.


This is easy. I'm a software developer based in Spain, a proud father of three children and the most lucky guy on earth as I'm married with my wife.
I love software, computers and like to "play" with them as much as I can, even to the point were my wife raps on my head and yell at me: "you have to play with the kids!"


You may contact me through these links and via email. My mail is manutalcual at sign gmail dot com.