Before we dig into the software development itself, we should explain what is our product and why we choose to create it.

The purpose of all this is to show our knowledge and skills, from María and I. So we’ve thought intensely, during days, even weeks, about what to do (yeah, really.) What kind of project we may do to show all that?

It should be a software product with something related to marketing. María has found something she used to do with Excel in her daily work. When she has to control ads publishing timings, she had to control the final prints and dates. It was a boring and tedious task: create rows in an spreadsheet with dates, texts and links to images with the print image. So we thought it may be something interesting for marketing people. The full market research is in her page, but, as she writes in Spanish, I’m going to give a small summary.

In her market research she has found there are products fulfilling the requisites, but those are big applications not really apt to individuals or small business. So we do have a market! In fact, following her research we may have millions of small businesses world wide having to control their publishing schedules and handling all that manually.

It is then something already decided: ads publishing schedule software with final prints images.

In our view, the key to success is just that, know if you have a market and then, make a great and cheap product. Anyway, just in case, we are going to make a very basic product and, if it works well (in sales meaning) we will evolve from that. That way we won’t spend too much time and effort in something isn’t going to work.

For that we are going to use an Agile methodology. Just deliver a new version, with new features, weekly.

See you soon!