I’ve created this blog site to share a new project. This project is meant to show how a software product is created (to our knowledge) and share a real product being developed. From the beginning.

So this has to be prepared before the software is even conceived. Why?

If we want to sell something, we need to know if there is people willing to pay for it. For that, we have to make a market research. I’m not an expert on that, but we have María Alvira that can help with the marketing processes. In fact, we have taken that task in hand some weeks ago. You can see that process here (in Spanish, sorry. She speaks English better than me, but she is helping me with this to find a job in Spain, so she writes in Spanish.)

So to be concise, these are the steps to create a product:

  • idea
  • market research
  • product definition
  • product design
  • software requirements
  • software design
  • software implementation
  • product presentation

We are going to follow those steps, one by one, and present our product. We even expect to sell it!

Welcome on board, I hope to see you following this posts.

See you soon!